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2.0 update
Date history
Release dateUSA Flag.png November 19, 2006

JAP Flag.png December 2, 2006

EUR Flag.png December 7, 2006
System Menu IOSIOS11
New IOSIOS11, IOS12, IOS13
roto's notes
Version History
Preceded by1.0
Succeeded by2.1 (Europe only)
2.2|2.1]] (Europe only)

2.0 was a "day 1 update" for the Wii in the U region that activated common features such as SD card storage. It was also preinstalled on E and J region Wiis at launch, although a few consoles with System Menu 1.0J have also been found.


November 19, 2006 (rev01)

  • Ability to read/write data on an SD card
  • Addition of "Country Settings" option
  • Addition of "System Update" option (previously, updates could only be done by performing a connection test)
  • Ability to arrange downloaded channels on the Wii Menu
  • Ability to set "parental controls" to restrict online activities
  • Updated BC and MIOS
  • Switched NUS connections to HTTPS[check]
  • Simplified initial setup. Setup previously showed an image to press A, then asked for language, sensor bar position, date, time, aspect ratio, nickname, and parental controls. Setup now asks for country, attempts to perform an update (which always fails, since internet has not been set up yet), and says the Wii supports screen burn-in reduction.
  • System Menu now runs under a WiiConnect24-compatible IOS
  • Internet settings are now written to /shared2/sys/net/02/config.dat, meaning all software using IOS9 or IOS10 (which use /shared2/sys/net/config.dat) is likely to fail to connect to the internet
    • /shared2/sys/net/config.dat is renamed to /shared2/sys/net/02/config.dat on boot, preventing older titles from using the internet configuration
    • The first game to use an internet connection was Pokemon Battle Revolution in Japan (using IOS14), so this did not break any games
  • Banners can now be loaded from content 0 of a title, and all banners were stored here past this point.

November 19, 2006 (rev02)

  • Updated titles that were accidentally not included in rev01 and therefore caused some issues
    • Added EULA and rgnsel
    • Updated News Channel dummy and Forecast Channel dummy to say "You cannot use this channel until service begins." and changed them to use IOS13
    • Updated Wii Shop Channel
      • Some consoles already had a functional version, while others had the dummy version, both of which were v0. This version is higher than v0, so it came as an update for consoles that already had the Wii Shop Channel
      • This Wii Shop Channel version uses IOS13
      • The Wii Shop Channel now requires the EULA to be accepted
    • Updated Photo Channel to use IOS13
    • Added IOS17

November 30, 2006 (rev03)

December 19, 2006 (rev04)

January 26, 2007 (rev05)

  • Activated the News Channel in a similar method to that of the Forecast Channel

System Menu globals

  • glob_51b8 is incremented by OSDisableScheduler and decremented by OSEnableScheduler; __OSReschedule only reschedules if the counter is not positive.
  • glob_5dc8 is the ES FD.