Prelaunch System Menu

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Prelaunch System Menu
Date history
Release dateUSA Flag.png None (Wii Startup Disc menu was released to some retail store demo kiosks in the US circa October 2006)

JAP Flag.png None

EUR Flag.png None
System Menu IOSIOS4 used for Wii Startup Disc menu, otherwise unknown]]
Version History
Succeeded bySystem Menu 1.0


  • The first public glimpses of the retail System Menu were shown in an event on September 14, 2006. As many other System Menu screenshots with this date present in them exist, this build of the System Menu has been labeled "9/14". However, it is known that there are multiple builds which were shown on 9/14- as such, 9/14 does not refer to a specific build, but rather all builds of the System Menu which were demonstrated or had screenshots taken of them on 9/14.

Beta Materials

Inside a System Menu TPL, there exists a unused DVD icon, and an Animal Crossing message icon (shown at E3 2006; see link below).


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