vWii 5.2.0

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vWii 5.2.0
Date history
Release dateUSA Flag.png September 29, 2014

JAP Flag.png September 29, 2014

EUR Flag.png September 29, 2014
System Menu IOSIOS80
Wiimpersonator log (U)
Wiimpersonator log (E)
Wiimpersonator log (J)
Ninupdates log
Version History
Preceded by4.0.0

vWii 5.2.0 was the final update to the vWii, which solely updated the System Menu, an unusual type of update. It was most likely released for compatibility with Nintendo eShop rereleases, and probably added code to reboot the system if the vWii was loaded through OSv1, which is responsible for the "Wii Menu" button on the HOME menu returning to WiiUMode.