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Homebrew exploits are user-applied exploits which abuse bad data handling practices to execute unsigned code. Most of them affect individual games' savedata. However, several, including Bannerbomb and Letterbomb, affect the System Menu.

Nintendo has shown the ability to patch gamesave related bugs by patching the System Menu to erase saved games containing malformatted string data, which has been done thrice - once to kill the Twilight Hack, once to fix the check that didn't work, and once again to prove third time's the charm.

Bugs in the System Menu itself can be fixed by shipping a new update with corrected data handling code. In the case of Bannerbomb, this also took two tries - once to show why testing all suspect code paths are a good idea, and once to show that Nintendo takes too long to fix bugs.

Put in your Infobox homebrew under type "exploit".