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Not to be confused with SaveMii for the Wii U, a save game manager
SaveMii Dongle
TypeHardware tool

A SaveMii Dongle is a small piece of hardware that is meant to be placed into a GameCube memory port on the Wii to recover from some bricks. This chip mimics a real Nintendo recovery device, which is recognized by the System Menu on boot, instead booting directly to a disc.

The recovery menu can boot any disc whose title ID starts with 0 or 1[1]. Most Wii games start with R or S, although the recovery menu can also perform disc updates from any disc.

On a Wii Family Edition or Wii Mini, while there are no GameCube ports, there are still unused wires connecting to where the ports would be; the ports can be soldered back in on a Wii Family Edition.

BootMii warning

Inserting any disc with boot2v4 on it will erase BootMii-boot2 if boot2v4 was not already installed. Do not use this device if BootMii-boot2 is installed.

Brick recovery

SaveMii fixes a very limited selection of bricks; the only brick fixable by SaveMii that cannot also be fixed by Bluebomb is currently Error 003.

To recover from a brick using SaveMii, a drivechip must be installed. Insert the dongle into memory card slot B, then boot the Wii. After this, Wii BootMe can be used to change the title ID of any game ISO to start with a 0. The new ISO can then be burned to a DVD, and once the game launches, Bluebomb can boot recovery software.


It was later discovered that the effect of SaveMii can be reproduced with a GameCube controller in the player 4 slot, by holding down all 4 directional buttons on boot. This usually requires the DPAD cover to be removed, but it is cheaper for GameCube controller owners.



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