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Gamecube Saver
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TypeSystem tool
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot GameCube Memory Card

This ELF allows you to copy a Gamecube save file from the front SD slot to either your Slot A or Slot B Memory card.

Note: This program will crash after the save has been copied, however it will work. Use this program at your own risk.


You will need:

  • SD card (SDHC and SDXC will not work, you will receive "no gc_saves folder" error)
  • SD card reader
  • Way to load the .ELF file
  • .GCI save file
  • Gamecube controller

Download whatever .GCI file you want (there are plenty scattered around the Internet) and make a folder in the root of your SD card called gc_saves. Place the .GCI file inside of the gc_saves folder, and rename it so that the filename (not including extension) has one or two characters, like A.GCI or ZZ.GCI. Put the SD card into the Wii and load the .ELF.

Make sure that:

  • There is no save file for the game already on the Gamecube memory card.
  • There is only one .GCI file in the folder at one time.

Follow the on-screen instructions; press A to write to Slot 1, or press B to write to Slot 2. Press A to confirm the file that you want to write to the memory card. The data will write, then the screen will show a code dump. This can be ignored; simply press A one more time, and the screen will say 'Reset'. You must turn off your Wii manually to restart.

Version 1.1 Fix

After the beta9 release of the Homebrew Channel, version 1.0 no longer works. This is because beta9 and up uses DOL files in place of ELF files. Version 1.1 was converted to DOL by Willseph. Metadata was also included to make it look a bit nicer and provide more information in the Homebrew Channel.


Made by Dasda. Thanks to dudebfg and emu_kidid!


"USB Memory Adapter Save" saves should always be .GCI. If you see a save you want that is a .SAV file, there are working converters around.

Future plans

  • GC Mem Card to front SD writer
  • improved GUI
  • allowing more than one .GCI to copy
  • Wiimote support