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  • 21 June 08
Team Twiizers has released the new Twilight Hack, compatible with version 3.3 of the System Menu. HackMii announcement.
  • 16 June 08
The latest Wii System Menu update removes current copies of the Twilight Hack and fixes the hash comparison ("Trucha Signing") bug.
  • 17 June 08
Bushing has already announced a workaround after just 6-8 hours of work! Big thanks to all involved! (technical details)
  • 06 June 08
The Homebrew Channel has been updated to Beta 8, Can be updated online via the channel itself.
  • 21 June 08
Team Twiizers released a new Twilight Hack, supporting the new Wii update.
  • 17 June 08
Bushing announced a new workaraound, fixing around the latest Wii update.
  • 16 June 08
Nintendo of Europe released a new Wii update that killed the Twilight Hack and the Freeloader, and atleast one Wii that had the Homebrew Channel installed on it once got bricked.
  • 6 June 08
Homebrew Channel can be updated to beta 8.
  • 3 June 08
libogc has been updated and "brings vastly improved Wii support."