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  • 12 April 08
A new version of Wii Linux (Proof of Concept 4) has been released, featuring USB keyboard support.
  • 9 April 08
Source code for an experimental TCP Loader is now available.
  • 7 April 08
A new homebrew loader is released by hel_hibou. It replicates the Wii menu and allows you to select and load multiple ELF files from the SD Card slot. This Loader allows you to create custom names and pictures for your homebrew titles.
  • 4 April 08
A new version (0.3) of the Wii Proof of Concept Linux with read and write support for the front SD card slot has been released over at GC-Linux.org.
  • 3 April 08
A winner has been chosen for the Homebrew channel music contest. Congratulations to drmr for his loop!
  • 1 April 08
PS3EMU for Wii released by GizmoTheGreen, was meant as a joke, but is still pretty cool to look at :)
Wii Homebrew Channel early preview released! Grab it here [1] [2].