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  • 29 September 08: raribeir has released version 0.1 of WiiFortune. This version implements a version of the Unix' fortune written from scratch.
  • 26 September 08: Muzer, mattgentl, and CraZzy have released version 1.1 of txt-read. It includes many new features and bugfixes.
  • 26 September 08: Eluan has reelased a new version of Quake 0.04. This version add Mods and Mission packs support, Transparent status bar, a new menu and various bugfixes.
  • 23 September 08: CashMan has released Wii Quizz. It currently only has questions in French.
  • 22 September 08: michniewski & Tantric have released Snes9x GX 005. It features the 1.51 core, superscope support, auto save/load and more.
  • 21 September 08: Arikado has released v0.1 of Wiibreaker. This is a simple brickbreaker game.
  • 21 September 08: Lnuxguy has released version 0.3 of WiiDoom. This verson implements Saving, Loading, Automap, and PWAD support.
  • 20 September 08: Tantric has released version 2.0.2 of FCE Ultra GX. This verson contains bugfixes and better Zapper controls.
  • 18 September 08: joedj has released version 0.0.14 of FTPii. This version was rebuilt with latest libfat CVS to fix delete corruption bug and speed up opening large files.
  • 18 September 08: Tantric has released version 1.0.1 of Visual Boy Advance GX. This version fixes problems with L/R buttons, improves the menu and runs GBA games at full speed.
  • 17 September 08: Rockybulwinkle has released v1.1 of Gravity. This version allows for adjusting acceleration and zoom.
  • 17 September 08: Eke-eke has released a new version of Gnuboy GX. This version fixes the "Press Button A" issue and adds fast scrolling.
  • 15 September 08: adb has released v0.1 of Map Maker, a demo app that generates cool-looking terrain you can edit on-the-fly
  • 12 September 08: Wii Gamecube Homebrew Launcher 0.2 supports loading from front SD slot. Gamecube disc support has been added (untested).
  • 11 September 08: Hermes has released WiiEngine 1.4. This version adds emulation of some functions of the PC Engine CD BIOS, support of ADPCM format and updates the Savestate.
  • 10 September 08: Lnuxguy has released WiiDoom 0.2. This version supports IR turning, as well as corrected brightness,sound, and weapon selection.
  • 09 September 08: Hermes has released an update of his PC Engine emulator WiiEngine 1.2. This update add Nunchuk support, correct support of games Street Fighter 2 & Strip Fighter, fix sound...
  • 09 September 08: Penpvdbs has released Easy homebrew installer, a compact installer to install the Homebrew Channel.
  • 08 September 08: libwiiupdate allows you to easily add update support to your app.
  • 07 September 08: rockybulwinkle has released version 1.0 of Gravity, a multiplayer space shooting game with universal gravitation.
  • 06 September 08: Mega Man has released Wii Gamecube Homebrew Launcher which can start Gamecube homebrew applications.
  • 06 September 08: Amarth released version 0.2 of his Jump 'n Bump port. It is a multiplayer game with cute bunnies and gore. Very addictive!
  • 05 September 08: PaceMaker released version 0.3 of his SpaceShooter homebrew game, adding more controller choices, two new levels and background mp3 sound.
  • 04 September 08: Scognito published a level editor for his upcoming homebrew game Wiicross.
  • 02 September 08: JustWoody has released v0.4 of Mahjongg Wii. Added multiple tile layouts, shuffle mode, matching tile counter, true type style font, etc.
  • 01 September 08: Westy92 released a Metronome. It is the first metronome for the Wii. Check it out! Download here.