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== Explanation ==
The hack exploits a [ buffer overflow error] caused by loading a specially crafted save file for Twilight Princess. The save file stores the a custom name of the playerfor Epona ( Link's horse in the game (originally "Epona"). This save file presents a , this name is much longer than expected to what the Twilight Princess gamewould usually allow, which causes in fact it even contains a small program. When the Wii system to crash when it game tries to load the horsename into memory due to it's namelong length it inadvertently drops the small program into memory. With this crash, This region of memory is designated the system is made to run a loader program (which was loaded by next region the game as part of console should execute and so the name) instead of Twilight Princess's code which is then proceeds to load a program from executed. As you can see the Wii's front SD card slotsave file is specially crated indeed. Any program that is placed on Once the root of the SD card, with the filename code loads it runs either a "boot.elf" or "boot.dol", will runfile from the root of the SD card.
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