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== Explanation ==
The hack exploits a [ buffer overflow error] caused by loading a specially crafted save file for Twilight Princess. The save file stores a custom name for Epona ( , Link's horse), this name that is much longer than what the game would usually allow, in fact it even contains a small program. While the game doesn't allow you to manually enter a name this long it doesn't check the name in the file. When the game tries to load the name into memory due to it's long length it inadvertently drops the small program into memoryfilling not only the "horse name" buffer but adjacent ones. This region In a round about way these regions of memory is happen to be designated the next region the console should execute and so the code is then executed. As you can see the save file is specially crated indeed. Once the code loads it runs either a "boot.elf" or "boot.dol" file from the root of the SD card.
== [[Wiibrew FAQ|FAQ]] ==

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