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v 2.4.1
| type = computer emulator
| author = [[User:SimonKagstrom|Simon Kagstrom]], [[User:Oibaf|Oibaf]]
| download =
| source =
| peripherals = {{wiimote2}} {{Nunchuck}} {{ClassicController}} {{USBKeyboard}} {{FrontSD}} {{USBMSD}} {{WiFi}} {{Internet}}
[] is a Commodore 64 emulator written by Christian Bauer ( It was ported to the Wii by [[User:SimonKagstrom|Simon Kagstrom]], and many C64 games are fully playable on the Wii with it. So go ahead and beat your friends in International Karate, Boulder Dash or Bomb Jack. This version is not the same as Troy Davis implementation, but Troys work is available in a branch in the subversion tree.
The emulator works best in 480i and , 480p mode. It runs perfectly fine in 576i mode as well, but does not utilize the full resolution. This is an SDL issue, and will not be fixed until [[SDL-Port]] supports it576imode. The emulation itself is not perfect, so not ''all'' games will run under Frodo. Unfortunately, I cannot do very much about this since I haven't ''written'' the emulator - just ported it. If you have multiple versions of a game, try each of them as often at least one will work.
== Usage ==
== Changelog ==
The complete changelog can be read in [] in subversion, these are the most important changes.
=== v2.4 ( ===
* Fixed Restore key
* (build) Compiled against libogc 1.8.11 and SDL-Wii r101
* Fixed full resolution in 576i video mode
=== v2.4 ( ===


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