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TypeSimulation game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
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WiiOperation is an operation-esque clone for the Wii. Game involves extracting bones from tight corners; and the old familiar zap to remind us that surgery isn't for everyone. Custom user content is available and easily added by using the included WiiOperation Level Builder.

Project Info

Google Code project page here


WiiOperation (wii) With Level Builder- WiiOperation-1.2.0.zip

User Levels

Add your user level packs in this section.

Danny's Levels

Some levels I made when I got bored. [1].


Beginning the game

Playing WiiOperation is much easier than actual surgery. To begin, start a new game from the menu. Once in the level, click on the silver tray to grab your tweezers. With tweezer in hand, twist, slide, and inch the wiimote towards the bone to prepare for extraction.

Moving the bone

Once you get to the bone, hold A and B to pinch and hold it while you drag the bone. You can reposition the bone by twisting and letting go of the bone to prepare for your next move.

Beating the level

Drag the bone to the silver tray and release it to complete each level.


Controls are subject to change and these may not be the final controls

Wiimote.svg Action
Wiimote A Button+Wiimote B Button Pinch/Drag Bone
Wiimote A Button When clicking on the tray, puts hand in Tweezer Mode
Wiimote 2 Button Once level is completed, goes to next level
Wiimote HOME Button Quit to Menu
Wiimote 1 Button Show Help

WiiOperation Level Builder


To run the WiiOperation Level Builder Gui, you need to have java 1.6.x installed. To run the level builder, execute the Jar included in the release archive.


To build a level, first set the Image Path to wherever you want to use images for building from. (Defaults to path relative to location of LevelBuilder in archive so it should just work for you)

To Add walls, right click on the LevelBuilder preview area and select 'Add Wall'

  • There is no limit on the number of walls you can add

To Add the Bone, right click on the LevelBuilder preview area and select 'Add Bone'

  • You are limited to 1 bone per level. If you add a bone and one exists, it will move the bone to that location.

To Add the Home (Silver Tray), right click on the LevelBuilder preview area and select 'Add Home'

  • You are limited to 1 home (tray) per level. If you add a tray and one exists, it will move the existing one to that location.

Using Custom Images

Go to Menu (Settings) Image Settings: From here you can preview the images you are using, load a different image, and Set collision boxes for images to override the default (Images height and width).

You can use custom collision boxes to get very good collision detection with images where you want alpha pixels ignored. (Give it a shot! :) )

Saving/Loading Levels

Go to Menu (File): Save/Load to open or save a WiiOperation Level.

Playing your levels

Simply copy your xml file to the operation/levels directory

  • Note that levels are cycled in alphabetical order at the moment, so to play yours first, it should be alphabetically first.

Submitting Levels for possible inclusion in WiiOperation Release

Add links to your level packs (including any custom images and the level xml files) here.

Current Issues

  • When you rotate an object, it appears partially clipped in the view pane. This is a bug with my java code; once fixed, your levels will display w/out any clipping. (Levels will still look fine on Wii).

WiiOperation Development Information

Uses the following libraries (Thanks to the authors goes without saying):