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TypeBoard game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote1.svg SensorBar.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot
This homebrew application currently contains an invalid download link. It was either not caught in the web archive or on a forum that required registration to download files; which the Wayback Machine cannot index.


RockBlueMet Tic-Tac-Toe fan-made game in Rockman climate, coded using MLlib.

Known Bugs

  • Website is prepared to at least be more or less, it will be improved in near future
  • First round doesn't display the winner correctly (but point is added fine)

Misc. Updates

  • Meta.xml and icon.png are done, download is now directed to ZIP package containing all three files, extract them to /apps/RockBlueMet on Your SD card and run
  • This is just in! RockBlueMet can be played on Dolphin emu, you just need to change for that time CPU Emulator Engine to Interpreter and this will do the trick about running it, rest of things as controls You just need to set up in WiiMote section as You please
  • MLlib got update recently (gods I tough it's gone for real) and it corrected a lot of things including bugs that made me pause the project here


Wiimote.svg Action
Wii Remote Aim Pointer/Cursor
Wiimote HOME Button Back to Homebrew Channel
Wiimote A Button Action on panels and buttons
Wiimote + Button Next Track
Wiimote - Button Previous Track


Still no more music

Unfortunately library I use for coding can eat only MOD files for now so I can't use XM/IT/S3M/other formats...yet

But that doesn't mean...

It means I'm limited to MOD format and I can only create in that format or find temporary tracks, limited a little

But still

Get out then if You are so impatient :P More music coming soon, game is playable now, aren't You happy?


Your problem

No Intro/Ending Screens

Since main game code is sort of fixed, I can think about least intro for now

Can I hotlink it on my webpage to inform friends that You...

NO This is only place to download this game and on HBB if it will be approved, no hotlinks to file allowed

Still no intro

I haven't found inspiration for one tough pseudo-code is ready for it

You have crappy music here, MP3 would be better



RC3 - 06 March 2011

  • added 4 sec delay after displaying winner
  • players are changed according to who won last (player who lost starts next, I guess it's more sensible here)
  • added reset button
  • changed reseting round to sprite button insted of B on Wiimote (less accidents)
  • added some music to game (use + - on Wiimote to change between them)
  • very small correction to main background (it looks better now a bit)
  • 5 tracks changed by + and - (1st track by default so use + to play next
  • displaying number of track from 0 to 4
  • bug fixes

RC2 - 23 July 2010

  • Corrected graphics
  • Corrected Players Change (turn-based regardless of win)
  • Preparations in code for more music to select from to play
  • Added writing which player turn is now (0 is player 1 while 1 is for player 2) for now it is where it is for future debugging
  • Added word "Wii" on the left side to not leave it empty, maybe there will be some info or buttons for music in future

RC1 - 18 July 2010

  • Initial release