Italian Parking

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Italian Parking
TypePuzzle game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote.svg SensorBar.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot

Italian Parking is a 3D puzzle game.


... All over the world ...
... parking is easy ... 
... in Italy this is a ...

This is the joke intro. In Italy (where I Live), parking is really a stress...

How to Use

Enter the selection of the level. Choose available level. Try to move the red alfa-147 (my car) to let it (them) out.


Button Action
Wii Remote Aim Move pointer
Wiimote A Button Select And Move the objects
Wiimote B Button Rotate Camera
Wiimote - Button Undo moves
Wiimote HOME Button Exit


Version 0.21

(released 14.04.09)

  • First release version with 5 levels.

Version 0.32

(unreleased) Added:

  • Home button
  • lightmap
  • music

Version 0.33

(released 31.07.09)

  • new intro
  • add some credits

Version 0.35

(Will be release a the end of August)never released

  • more levels & models

Version 0.44

  • two theme (milan & venice)
  • music
  • Menu & intro
  • credits
  • More levels (up to 36)
  • different models
  • save state on SD
  • insert many bugs ... sorry... give me feedback.

Future development

  • total count of moves, with the minimum for each level
  • Sounds
  • Music done!
  • Lights shading avoided!
  • Lightmap-Texture done!
  • more levels
  • different models
  • different themes (milan/Venice) (I though on Ancient Rome, w/ horse & colosseum...)
  • source will be available soon (just a better looking... my chief will kill me if I commit this ape-shit code!)


How Contact me

on Wiibrew forum

send a PM to ElectroKidd

or edit my space, here in wiibrew ElectroKidd

or an E-mail to me


I wanna say thousand thanks to my marvelous friend Sdutz, his music is peaceful, he understand perfect, when I say "a music that give quite, but help to concentrate". Next version I'll insert his second job for my game. Thank you Sdutz!

& Everybody in the homebrew scene

libraries used

  • libogc/libfat
  • pngu/libpng
  • quakewii (I understand how to set the lightmap)
  • LibWiiGui (not used, but very usefull to understand something more)

Paintshop Pro/3DSMAX were used to create all graphics.

devkitPro was used to build the program.