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Author(s)Tim Brugman & Maikel Bloemendal
TypeComputer emulator
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Downloadable via the Open Shop Channel
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BlueMSX-wii is an MSX 1/MSX 2/MSX 2+/Turbo R emulator for the Nintendo Wii.

This emulator is based on blueMSX, ported to run on the Nintendo Wii. The emulator will be feature complete, which means that everything works (audio, controllers, keyboard). A nice GUI is featured to choose the games/applications you wish to play.


28-10-2010: V1.0.3 Release

10-08-2010: V1.0.2 Release

28-08-2009: V1.0 Release

For a download, check the download link. Bugs should be reported at More information on this project will be posted at our own website (see the website link).

Release notes


  • Fixed USB keyboard that did not work anymore in V1.0.2
  • Added USB 2.0 support (when running IOS58). It now is possible to install on fast USB 2.0 storage device (which can be faster than an SD-Card).
  • Updated libogc package to r4264.


  • Updated devkitPPC (R21) and libogc (1.8.3)
  • Fixed vertical offset bug on NTSC wiis.
  • Fixed glitches in sound playback.
  • Improved audio, pause instead of hick on changing disks.
  • Reduced average audio lag from 85ms to 21ms, about the same as video lag now.
  • Greatly improved audio frequency stability.
  • Fixed issue with button mapping introduced in V1.0.1.
  • Gui coordinate fixes, not correctly centered since V1.0.1.
  • Small update in build-in gamepack.


  • Fixed display problem (black screen) on some Wii's, more accurate scaling/centering on all Wii's.
  • Key mapping of numeric keys does not work
  • Feature: Make buttons of different controllers separately mappable


  • Updated to BlueMSX V2.8.2.
  • Added full support for GameCube controller.
  • Fixed problems with 'save state'. Also improved speed of saving a lot.
  • Allow empty screenshot elements in gamelist.xml files (did crash before).
  • Missing 'Screenshots' sub directories are now automatically created (on generating screenshot).
  • Solved showing wrong day of state files.
  • Embedded game pack will only be installed when no game pack is already installed.


  • First public release


  • Powerful and accurate BlueMSX emulator core featuring:
* Very accurate emulation of MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, Turbo-R.
* Very accurate emulation of all sound processors; PSG, SCC, MSX-Music, MSX-Audio and Moonsound.
* Multiple machine definitions, easily adaptable/extensible.
* Build-in ROM database to automatically use the right ROM mapper for megaROM games.
* A lot more, see BlueMSX website.
  • Wii improvement regarding emulation:
* 100% smooth video emulation because of synchronization between MSX and Wii video output.
* 100% smooth audio because of automatically calibrating re-sampling.
* Wii video output switches automatically between 50Hz/60Hz to meet the video output standard of the MSX (Only on PAL Wii, on NTSC Wii the MSX is forced to always operate at 60Hz).
  • Powerful GUI:
* Game selector with multiple directory support.
* Shows two screenshots for every game.
* Screenshots can be automatically added by creating screenshot from ‘home’-menu Games can easily be added/configured by editing .xml files.
* State can be saved/restored from the ‘home’-menu.
* Restore state menu shows the date/time and a screenshot of the saved state.
* On-screen keyboard by pointing your wiimote to the screen.
  • General features:
* Automatic SD-Card installation procedure, runs out of the box.
* Two controllers supported for multiplayer games.
* Nunchuck and GameCube controllers supported.
* Classic controller supported (highly recommended!).
* USB keyboard supported (Logictech wireless Wii keyboard recommended).


Just place the files in /apps/bluemsx-wii/ on your SD, start from the Homebrew Channel and the emulator will ask to fill the SD-card with all necessary files (under /MSX/ folder)

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