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Hello and welcome to my profile!

I'm just a guy that likes homebrewing Wiis and such, I have a dark-red themed Wii using MyMenuify, and BootMii as boot2. I have a pretty large collection of Wii games as well.

Discord: lkvass

More about me I guess

The first Wii game I've played was Mario Kart Wii. All these years later, still playing it, just with more mods.

My Wii is 13 years old at the time of writing this (2020) and is of course, running version 4.3U. It has seen a lot, from falling two times to having some slight disc drive issues, but still runs well. I have a collection of about fourty something Wii games (too lazy to recount) and all the discs are either like brand new or in good condition. (My MKWii disc is probably in the worst condition but still runs, it has many laser burn marks.)

I began homebrewing my Wii in 2019, since then, it has went from an unmodified Wii to a more heavily soft modified Wii. Running BootMii in Boot2, multiple different forwarder channels, some games on Nintendont running off of a USB, CTGP-R on my SD, and quite a lot more.

I plan on maybe developing homebrew, mainly attempting to port the Clementine Music Player to the Wii.

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