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Author(s)Wiimm & Leseratte
Internet Local WiFi

Wiimmfi is a custom server that replaces Nintendo's WFC servers which were shut down in 2014. The service has full support for 380 games, works with some issues or is partially working on 22 games, and 671 games currently in testing. There are also 13 games that are disabled, which is due to the fact that the disabled games requires connections to other servers and does not use Nintendo WFC.

Ways to use

The Wiimmfi patcher app app can be downloaded from here and installed onto an SD card or USB to load via the Homebrew Channel. Running it performs a one-time patch on a disc, after exiting the game, the patch no longer works and the app has to be run again to patch it again.

A Wii system can also be set to the custom DNS server for Wiimmfi, insert into the DNS server in the Wii internet settings and then go to the EULA agreement. Doing this loads the Wiimmfi EULA exploit.

Finally, if the Internet Channel is usable, another option is to go to http://chadsoft.co.uk/wiimmfi/ and bookmark it in the channel. Then load it through the bookmarks. This method is not as reliable as the others, and will depend on when or if it will work.