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Finland.png This user lives in Finland.

Internet This User is looking for something to do.
fi This user is a native speaker of Finnish.
en This user often speaks English.
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C This user codes in C.
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This user has developed homebrew for the Wii.

Wii This user is running System Menu 4.3 on their Wii.
Userbox homebrew channel.png This user has installed the Homebrew Channel version 1.1.2 on their Wii.

BootMii This user has installed BootMii on their Wii.
RiiConnect24 This user has installed RiiConnect24 on their Wii.
Homebrew Browser This user uses the Open Shop Channel repository to obtain their homebrew.
WiiMC This user uses WiiMC to play media on their Wii.
MPlayer CE This user uses MPlayer CE to play media on their Wii.
Wiimmfi.png This user uses Wiimmfi to play games on their Wii online.
Priiloader(1).png This user has installed Priiloader on their Wii.
3 Wii Remotes This user owns 3 Wii Remotes.
1 Wii Remote Plus This user owns 1 Wii Remote Plus controller.
Nunchuck alternative.svg This user owns 1 Nunchuk.
ClassicController.svg This user owns 1 Classic Controller.
Wii MotionPlus This user owns 1 Wii MotionPlus unit.
Wii Balance Board This user owns 1 Wii Balance Board.
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Wi-Fi This user uses Wi-Fi.
SDHC Card This user owns a 32gb SDHC card.
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DSi Icon.jpg This user owns 1 Nintendo DSi.
Wii U GamePad This user owns 1 Nintendo Wii U GamePad‎.
Userbox trucha.png This user has at least one trucha vulnerable IOS.
> 9000 This user has wasted > 9000 hours hacking on their Wii.

Hello! My name is jornmann.

I am a new and inexperienced Wiibrew editor and reader, so if I mess up, please forgive me. :)

Feel free to contact me through email (moc.kcud@nnamnroj in reverse) or Discord (jornmann#0344). :)

My projects

Wii Donut, a port of the obiquitous donut.c by Andy Sloane to the Wii!

Unfinished projects/Project ideas

redaoliirp, a simple application that loads Priiloader. (unfinished)

Placeholder Name, an alternative to the old, buggy Homebrew Browser. (idea)