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This page lists compatibility of USB Mass Storage Devices with the USB mass storage device tester.

Only FAT12/16/32 devices will work. NTFS or any other non-FAT type devices connected will be damaged by this software.

Devices which return the error code -10000 will probably never work with this application/library because they are either not using the bulk-only mass storage protocol or because they are not using SCSI commands. Someone else will have to add support for them.

Working USB Mass Storage Devices in Alphabetical Order

Acom Data HybridDrive 2.5 (Fujitsu Siemens)

Acom Data Samba 3.5IN IDE/SATA Hard Drive Enclosure USB 2.0 Fanless

 found device: 0c0b-b157

Antec MX1 SATA enclosure/drive bay

 Worked with 500gb Western Digital SATA drive formatted as fat32 in this drive bay.
 ID 04fc:0c15 Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd

Canyon CNS-MP1G 2GB MP3 Player

 found device: 0402-5661
 MaxLUN: 1
 LUN #0
 MountFAT: 1
 Unable to open the directory

Creative MuVo NX 128MB MP3 Player

 found device 041e-4115

Creative MuVo V100 2GB MP3 Player

 found device 041e-200c

Digital Concepts SD/MMC Reader/Writer CR-35

  Model CR-35TD
  ID 058f:6335 Alcor Micro Corp.

HP Photosmart M527 Digital Camera (USB Mass Storage Mode)

 found device 03f0-4002

IcyBox IB-281U USB Hard Drive Case

 device id: 04b4:6830 (Cypress Semiconductor Corp. USB-2.0 IDE Adapter)
 hard disk: FUJITSU  MHV2100AH

Imation 512MB Flash Drive

 found device 0718-0083

Integral 128MB

Kingston 512MB DataTraveler

 device id: 13fe:1d00

Kingston 2GB DataTraveler

 device id: 13fe:1d00

Kingston 4GB DataTraveler

 device id: 13fe:1d00

Kingston 8GB DataTraveler

 found device 0951-1607

LG 4GB “Mirror” USB Drive - Model: UB4GVMNPB

 found device 090c:1000



 (65.03) Firmware V20.0.015 RM-159 With FAT32 Kingston 1Gb micro SD card

PNY 1GB Attaché

 found device 154b-0005

PNY 2GB Optima Pro Attaché

 found device 13fe-1e00 

SanDisk U3 cruzer micro

 found device 0781-5406

Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go U3 Smart Drive 4GB

 found device 08ec-0020

Watson 2GB MP3200-3

Western Digital MyPassport

 found device 1058-0704
 MaxLUN: 1
 LUN #0
 MountFAT: 1
 Unable to open the directory.

WM5torage 1.8 under Windows Mobile 6

Non-Working USB Mass Storage Devices In Alphabetical Order

Generic / no-name 2.5/3.5 UDE to USB cables

 Any/all generic IDE to USB cable will not work.

Apple iPod mini second generation

 found device 05ac-1205
 MaxLUN: 1
 LUN #0

Axxion mp3 512 megabyte fat formatted

 found device 18d6-1100
 USBStorage_Open() returned -10000

Corsair Flash Voyager 256MB

 found device 067b-2515
 USBStorage_Open() returned -10000
 found device 067b-2517
 USBStorage_Open() returned -10000

DS-Xtreme 512MB, FAT32


HP 5069-6732 Memory Card Reader Nine-in-One Four Slot + USB (external)

 found device 058f-9360
 MaxLUN: 3
 LUN #0
 (pulled usb cable out after no activity)
 USBStorage_MountLUN() returned -10004
 LUN #1
 USBStorage_MountLUN() returned -4
 LUN #2 
 USBStorage_MountLUN() returned -4

Mini Optical Mouse built-in 32 Mb u-Disk

 (mouse section ?)
 found device 05e3-0604
 USBStorage_Open() returned -10000
 (disk section ?)
 found device 09a6-8001
 MaxLUN: 1
 LUN #0
 (Removed USB mouse after no activity, no response from test-program)

SONY PSP 1001 and SONY PSP 2004 CFW 3.90 M33-3

 found device 054c-01c8
 USBStorage_Open() returned -10000