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request for optional menu > emulation delay for XRGB-Mini users
:If you are using an LCD, Double Strike most likely won't do anything for you (except possibly mess up the display). Double Strike simulates the 240p mode used by the older consoles. They output 240 lines of progressive which caused scan lines to appear. This mode allows those that are still using a CRT to closely recreate the display of those consoles (complete with scanlines). Many LCDs are not compatible with this display mode, thus the messed-up screen you are seeing. For more info, check out the following Wikipedia page: --[[User:Raz0red|Raz0red]] 01:06, 30 January 2012 (CET)
==Configurable delay when transitioning from menu to game for double strike mode?==
Great job on the emulator. I installed it because I was interested in its PC Engine support. As the owner of an XRGB-Mini upscaler, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for implementing double strike mode. Not only is the compatibility superior to Hugo, the graphics look wonderful and it serves as a viable alternative to a real PC Engine. Thank you so much! I have a somewhat unusual request though. Could you possibly implement an optional delay/countdown - defaulting to 5 seconds - which takes effect when exiting the menu in order to start (or resume) emulation? The reason for this is that, when switching between 240p and 480p, it takes about 5 seconds for the output of the XRGB-Mini (over HDMI) to 'settle' again. This is relevant when enabling double strike mode because the user interface is still rendered at 480p. Because PC Engine ROMs tend to initialize instantly, Mini users miss a few seconds of the introduction - where applicable. Granted, it doesn't affect gameplay at all but having this feature would be a really nice touch for the Mini owners among us.


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