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There is also a structure called a TmdView which is select sections of the Tmd. It has a length of 0x60+0x10*number_of_contents. The structure is somewhat like this[as returned by ES_GetTmdView] :
<source lang="c">
struct tmd_view_content_t
uint8_t version; // 0x0000;
uint8_t filler[3];
uint32_t unknown // 0x0004 uint64_t ios_title_id; //0x00080x0004 uint64_t title_id; // 0x00100x00c uint32_t title_type; //0x00180x0014 uint16_t group_id; //0x001c0x0018 uint8_t reserved[0x3e]; //0x001e 0x001a this is the same reserved 0x3e bytes from the tmd uint16_t title_version; //0x005c0x0058 uint16_t number_contents; //0x005e0x005a tmd_view_content_t contents[]; //0x00600x005c

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