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This is just a preview of my HomeMenu library I'll be releasing soon (it is now in C). It's graphics library independent, so there aren't too many hassles there. It also allows you to associate your own functions to events such as when the menu opens, closes, redraws.
It's coming along well but isn't completed yet. An up-to-date "To Do" list can be found on the [ SVN].
When you want to display the menu (when the user presses HOME), simply call <code>HomeMenu_Show()</code>.
'''Tip: ''' If you have a callback setup set up for when the user holds down on the wiimote's powerbutton, add <code>HomeMenu_Hide()</code> to this callback to tell HomeMenu to relinquish execution its controlof the main thread. '''Tip:''' If your application relies on a timer, consider using the <code>HomeMenu_SetAfterHideMenu(yourCallback)</code> callback setter. This will allow you to update your timer (if necessary) before resuming your application.
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