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:: That's definitely not planned. All the keys on wiiremote except the cursor arrows will be user defined and the user will be able to save those settings (those settings will automatically load next time fuse is run). Cursor keys will also be user definable eventually. Regarding the rest of the controllers - that's not planned at this point. If I could map the wii remote keys to anything I want, I don't think mapping keys on other controllers would be useful. -- [[User:Spec|Spec]]
:::: Its quite a shame, then. As you see in the diagrams, being able to use other controllers would be quite useful for having direct access to both the joystick ''and'' the cursor keys, for example. Not to mention the "''auxiliary''" incremental variable in those control configurations, absolutely needed for selecting the options in many games, and also for those that need to use the keyboard numbers along with the normal controls (Cybernoid, Livingstone I pressume...). Many games (and BIOSes) with completely different key configurations were taken into account when making those control schemes.
::::I ''really'' think those would be the ultimate solution for having near absolute control over almost any Speccy game (and menu) out there flawlessly (even for text adventures, if you take into account the "virtual keyboard" idea, when pressing certain buttons for half a second). I hope it would be possible to map the keys to those in the diagrams, in future updates.
::::If you were wondering how that auxiliary button would work, the "aux+" and "aux-" keys would cycle between 1,2... to ...9,0, and show the current value somewhere in the screen border, which would then be used when pressing the "aux" button in the controller. That would allow to choose between weapons and menu selections in many different games, quite easily without the need of a keyboard. [[User:ICEknigh7|ICEknigh7]]
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