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::::If you were wondering how that auxiliary button would work, the "aux+" and "aux-" keys would cycle between 1,2... to ...9,0, and show the current value somewhere in the screen border, which would then be used when pressing the "aux" button in the controller. That would allow to choose between weapons and menu selections in many different games, quite easily without the need of a keyboard. [[User:ICEknigh7|ICEknigh7]]
:::::I just tried Cybernoid and to play the game you need to be able to select a joystick (let's say Kempston - number 5, you can map number 5 to "-" on wii remote), to start it (number 1, you can map number 1 to "+" on wii remote) and to emulate joystick's up, left, right and fire which you do with wii remote cursors + button "1". No need for elaborate setup. What game requires having direct access to both the joystick ''and'' the cursor keys? If you really need access to so many keys you should just plug in a usb keyboard (hopefully that works for you). None of the emulators or Virtual Console games require setup as it is proposed here. [[User:Spec|Spec]]
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