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When the program starts, it tells you to press the "1" and "2" buttons of your wiimote. Wait until the emulator starts, an then press 1 and 2 at the same time, until the wiimote's leds starts to blink (you can press them at any moment). Here is the button relation between the wiimote and the keyboard:
 <ul><li>[A]: Enter (select an option or the rom)</li><li>[Home]: Escape (to return to "roms select" menu)</li><li>[b]: Tabulator (to navigate through the menu buttons)</li><li>[-]: F1 (Reset) (in a game)</li><li>[+]: F2 (Select) (in a game)</li></ul>
First player: Wiimote
<ul>[1]: Pad button</li>[Digital pad]: Arrows</li></ul>
Second player: Nunchuck
<ul><li>[C]: Pad button</li><li>[Analog pad]: Arrows</li><ul>
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