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/**************************************************************/ // // == Nintendo Wii Virtual Console Title-Metadata (tmd-) file structure == //A "title" is a standalone entity -- a game, a channel, etc. // vTitles can be made up of multiple "contents".0.1 // // by Lockhool for #wiidev at efnet // 14(Don't ask me I just work here.12.2007 /**************************************************************/)
// Common labels used in this file:
// # in front of a comment signifies entires that are
// the same in each tmd-files the author checked
// ! Remember the Wii has a LITTLE-ENDIAN processor. When !
// ! working with ints or shorts on none-LE machines !
// ! (e.g. PPC Mac) you need to swap the byteorder. !
typedef unsigned char u8;
typedef unsigned short u16;
typedef unsigned int u32; typedef unsigned long u64;
typedef struct{ u32 file [0x1]cid; // name of the file to downloadcontent id u16 num [0x1]index; // # number of the file u8 u16 undef0 [0x1]type; // might be 0x00 or 0x80 u8 undef1 [0x1]u64 size; // # 0x01 u8 zeros0 hash [0x420]; // # 0 u32 length [0x1]; // non-padded filelength u8 hash [0x14]; // ? maybe SHA1-hashcontent }VC_TMD_FILEcontent_record; // size: 0x30 bytes
typedef struct{

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