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Using the Homebrew Disc Channel, you can load homebrew programs from regular ISO9660 DVDs. It supports (sub)directories.
Note: the name Homebrew Disc ''Channel'' is actually wrong; the program was intended as either an add-on to the Wii Disc Channel or a separate channel, but due to the fact that BootMii will need a SD card to load, turning this program into anything other than a regular homebrew program will be useless in a couple of months. The name will be changed at the next releaseto Homebrew Disc Loader.
== Requirements ==
* Support for (parts of) meta.xml, to show friendly program names
* Graphical interface?
* Change Nameto Homebrew Disc Loader* Add a 'retry'-function when a non-homebrew disc is inserted; may come in handy if loading with Twilight Hack


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