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Homebrew Disc Loader
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
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Using the Homebrew Disc Loader, you can load homebrew programs from regular ISO9660 DVDs. It supports (sub)directories.


  • Some way to run homebrew
  • DVDx


  • Rename programs to boot.dol and put them in separate (sub)directories on the DVD.
  • Put meta.xml in the same directories if you want friendly program names and descriptions
  • Put DISCINFO-file in the root of the DVD if you want disc information
  • Burn as ISO9660 DVD.
  • Put disc in console and start program.
  • Follow on-screen instructions.


As of version 0.3, Homebrew Disc Loader supports a DISCINFO-file in the root of the DVD. This file contains info about the homebrew DVD. At the moment, only the first line is read and displayed as the disc title above the program menu. More fields may be implemented in the future; the recommended format is as follows:

<Disc title>
<Year of release>
<E-mail-address author>
<Legal information>


Sierradev's Homebrew Compilation Disc
Various licenses apply

Note: not all fields may apply to your disc; just leave the non-applicable fields open by using an empty line

Known issues

  • Programs like Quake, which depend on data files in the same directory as the program, may not work. At the moment, it is unclear whether and, if so, when this will be fixed.
  • If the disc title is longer than 60 characters, it will wrap to the next line and the menu may scroll up.


  • Graphical interface?
  • Add loading from USB drive?
  • Clean up code


  • 0.3:
    • Added support for meta.xml (name and long_description)
    • Added support for DISCINFO-file (see above)
    • Added eject- and retry-functions
    • Fixed issue with scrolling through a long list
    • Fixed issue where program crashed randomly due to a bug in memory allocation
    • Changed name to Homebrew Disc Loader
  • 0.2
    • Initial public release