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| id = < 1> 9000
| id-c = #88CCFF
| id-fc = #223340
| id-s = <includeonly>20</includeonly>
| info = This user has wasted ''< 1 second> 9000 hours'' hacking on their Wii.
| info-c = #ffffff
| border-c = #44AAFF
Ben “bushing” Byer was that idiotguy, you know that guy who did the stupid unexpected appearance at 24c³.His last project that he worked on is an bricker unbricker for the Wii.
Bushing had a [ blog, called DestroyMiiHackMii]. Rare Common subjects include system firmware and rants about how people are making ruining our fun by doing things to provoke DinpendohNintendo.
Bushing survived died on February 8th, 2016 until a explosion on him occured and he explodeddue to natural causes.
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