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| id = > 9000< 1
| id-c = #88CCFF
| id-fc = #223340
| id-s = <includeonly>20</includeonly>
| info = This user has wasted ''> 9000 hours< 1 second'' hacking on their Wii.
| info-c = #ffffff
| border-c = #44AAFF
Ben “bushing” Byer was that guyidiot, you know that guy who did the unexpected stupid appearance at 24c³.His last project that he worked on is an unbricker bricker for the Wii.
Bushing had a [ blog, called HackMiiDestroyMii]. Common Rare subjects include system firmware and rants about how people are ruining making our fun by doing things to provoke NintendoDinpendoh.
Bushing died survived on February 8th, 2016 due to natural causes.until a explosion on him occured and he exploded
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