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Release Date2006(?)
PortsUSB Mini-B (front)
Optical DriveNo
UsecasesStoring & debugging games
System Menu Version(s)RVT System Menu
Memory128MB (MEM2)
Width: 157 mm (6.2 in)
Height: 60 mm (2.4 in)
Depth: 197 mm (7.8 in)

The RVT-H is a development kit for the Wii. It features a red faceplate, and uses an internal hard drive instead of an optical drive, which can load games via optical disc emulation. Since RVT-H Reader units can store full disk images on the console itself, there is the possibility for unreleased games, internal tools and other software to be found on an RVT-H unit. Various game prototypes and other programs have been recovered in this way, such as The Last Story prototypes and RVL_DIAG. It allowed for developers to put multiple builds of a game onto a single unit.

The RVT-H initially used 40GB HDDs, however over time, the RVT-H systems started being packaged with 80GB HDDs. Despite this, the bank size of the system, which is eight, did not increase, thus, the 80GB models are functionally similar to the earlier 40GB models.

Like the NDEV, it has an increase in memory compared to the retail Wii. It contains a USB Mini-B port on the front of the unit to allow for developers to send games to the unit itself. There are four disc number buttons, labelled 1, 2, 4, and 8. These buttons allow the user to find the sector of the hard drive that they can find their game on. There is also a disc change and insert button, which mimics inserting a disc into an optical drive. On the system menu, there is a disc check channel, which is a very simple tool that is intended to test the integrity of game data.

The RVT-H's internal hard drive is not encrypted. This allows a tool such as rvthtool to operate on an RVT-H system that's connected directly using USB, as well as disk image dumps from both the USB interface and from a direct HDD dump. Disc images however, could potentially be encrypted. Any GameCube game stored on an RVT-H unit is not encrypted, whereas any Wii game found on a unit may be encrypted with an RVT-H debug key. These encrypted files may be re-encrypted and fakesigned to be used on retail consoles via a USB loader.