Netflix Channel

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Netflix Channel
Version Unknown
Description The Netflix Channel allows you to stream movies straight to your Wii.
Title ID HCLx
Type Downloaded channel
Installed from {{{source}}}Wii Shop Channel
Peripherals Wiimote1.svg Internet
Blocks (channel/save) 55

The Netflix Channel allows users to stream movies directly to your wii. You must have a subscription with Netflix to do this.

Original Disc Version

Netflix originally offered a Wii Instant Streaming Disc free of charge to all Netflix members.[1] In October 2010, they announced a new version downloadable from the Wii Shop Channel and made the discs obsolete.[2]


Movies can be streamed at up to 480p. There is no possible way to get HD (720p and up) on the Wii due to hardware limitations.

Netflix Subscription

To use the Netflix Channel, you need a Netflix account with unlimited streaming. When you first use the Netflix Channel, it will prompt you to enter a code provided by the channel into the Netflix website in order to pair the Wii with your account.