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Author(s)Spotlight, ZenPowerBuilder, TheMrIron2.
Contributor(s)MCNX, St4tch, CornierKhan1, Larsenv.

Disconnect24 was an alternative WiiConnect24 service provider for Nintendo Wii. It was originally founded by Spotlight in January of 2018. (The Discord Server being created on the 2nd of January, 2018.)

The service is based off the more mainstream variant, RiiConnect24, however, Disconnect24 is allegedly aimed to be more transparent and open about their development. A few changes include the use of Mail-GO, a Wii Mail Server developed in GoLang (in which RiiConnect24 eventually used.) and a transparent development model as opposed to RiiConnect24's vanilla open source model.


Since the beginning of Disconnect24, there have been noticeable improvements and controversies in its lifespan. This section will cover these events.


As a response to the criticized management and respect for development within RiiConnect24, Disconnect24 was intended to be "more modern" and "more community-centered" than other services. Although Disconnect24 could be the consequence of past mismanagement by another service, Disconnect24 continues to claim that they are on friendly terms.


After raising concerns with security issues in RiiConnect24 and potential censorship of RiiConnect24's homebrew guide, a blog post was published on April 9th, 2018 which served the purpose of pointing out issues that weren't addressed if they weren't publicly called on originally. One of the issues involved being able to grab the mailbox of any user on RiiConnect24 by running a curl command, this issue has since been fixed and mail should no longer be exploitable. The curl command one could use was curl -X POST https://mtw.rc24.xyz/cgi-bin/receive.cgi --data-urlencode "passwd=passwords_are_ignored_by_rc24" --data-urlencode "mlid=w<16 digit friend code>" --data-urlencode "maxsize=1000000000000000000".

Current State of DC24

Disconnect24, as of February 2019, is no longer functional due to continued conflicts with RiiConnect24 which includes unauthorized abuse of a vulnerability in Mail-Go that filled the database with fake Wii Mail Addresses.


Disconnect24 was working on a variety of projects that will assist in the restoration of discontinued services.


Mail-GO is a daemon program that handles Wii Mail. It is licensed under AGPLv3 and was originally developed by Spotlight as a side project for fun. In April 2018, an announcement was made in the official server that cleared up the misconception that Mail-GO was originally developed. The post claimed that someone suggested it to be uploaded to RiiConnect24 in which Mail-GO was soon released in the organization's repository. However, Mail-GO was never legitimately licensed in their name.


Cauldron is a project that is supposed to decrypt and encrypt WiiConnect24 Containers. However, the project is currently on hiatus.


Smol-Ten is intended to compress and decompress LZ10/11 files. However, the project is currently on hiatus.