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Contributor(s)Spotlight, SketchMaster2001, giustino, shoko

This homebrew application makes permanent changes to the Wii's NAND, thus, this application should be used with caution.

It is recommended to have a NAND backup with either BootMii as boot2 or Priiloader with BootMii as IOS installed before proceeding with the usage of this application.

No Wii Mini.png
This homebrew can't be used on the Wii Mini. Attempting to use this homebrew on the Wii Mini could brick the system because of hardware differences.

WiiLink is an alternative WiiConnect24 service provider for Nintendo Wii. It was originally founded by Dogmander, Marko and Auto1lija in April 2020 as "Wii No Ma development" later renamed "Rii no Ma" with the sole goal of reviving Wii no Ma. However, following the merge with BetterConnect24 and a change in command structure, it became WiiLink24 in September 2020. On May 19, 2021, it was rebranded to WiiLink, removing the 24 from the name.

As of now, WiiLink24 is in public beta stages and this wiki page will update frequently to reflect its progress.


In April 2020, Marko (aka Markojerry) and Dogmander created the Wii no Ma revival project, named "Rii no Ma". Then after poking around in a hex editor for a bit and finding random details. A new branch of the project was made called "Archive no Ma". Its goal was to find the content hosted on Wii no Ma and archive it for later use on the revived app.


April 2020

  • Project created along with Archive no Ma.

June 2020

  • Rocket joined making some of the first major discoveries.

August 2020

  • Project merged with BetterConnect24.
  • SDH becomes the owner of the project.

September 2020

  • Project becomes WiiLink24 and Spotlight joins.
  • Rocket becomes the owner of the project.

October 2020

  • Spotlight starts actively working on the project, bringing near daily breakthroughs on the Wii no Ma portion of the WiiLink24 project, such as getting Wii no Ma to run the Mii select screen as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icsmKq9_t8g
  • Glitch joins and begins doing voluntary translations for Wii no Ma, translating from Japanese to English.
  • Work begins on English language builds of Wii no Ma aka Wii Room.
  • A translation of Dokodemo Wii no Ma is announced and the logos for both are unveiled.
  • A very early release of Wii no Ma is released to developers with support for clicking on posters to reveal shows (ratings doesn't work right now) and getting to the room.
  • Rocket steps down for a break and Spotlight replaces him as owner, however Rocket returns as owner only a day later

November 2020

  • Work on RC24 alternative apps is ceased
  • Wii no Ma company parade is added
  • Work begins on Japanese apps other then Wii Room/Wii no Ma
  • Wii no Ma v770 is revived with video support from day one (still private beta)
  • Work begins on reverse-engineering the Mobiclip video/audio codec used in Wii no Ma v1025
  • Agreement made with RiiConnect24 to use the RiiConnect24 Patcher for distribution of WiiLink24 channels
  • A very early build of the Digicam Print Channel is made that can only get to the menu
  • Leaking becomes a major problem (starting with the Ryal VC leaks then followed by the SDH leaks)
  • Anti-leak measures are added to the Wii no Ma beta WADs
  • Digi is created by a32bitmint to be the project's mascot
  • JG announces that Digicam Print Channel works fully (with the exception of receiving the photos)
  • Engine is made by Larsenv to render Digicam Print Channel prints

December 2020

  • A method is found for making Mobiclip videos work on Wii no Ma
  • It's decided that WiiLink24 will have its own patcher, created by KcrPL who also made the RiiConnect24 Patcher
  • Wii no Ma Public Beta was released on December 5th
  • Rocket steps down for a break and Spotlight replaces him (again)
  • After a week Rocket returns
  • V2 of the public beta releases
  • DS mobiclip is cracked

January 2021

  • The theatre feature was finally implemented into Wii no Ma
  • The English banner for Wii no Ma has been created along with alot of translation fixes by shoko
  • A lot of improvements to the Mobiclip format and stabilization
  • First version of the UNIX patcher was made by SketchMaster2001
  • Development started for ViiR no Ma
  • Development started for the TV no Tomo channel

February 2021

  • New audio tracks discovered for Wii no Ma rooms
  • The English banner for the Digicam Print Channel has been created by shoko
  • The Digicam Print Channel has been released to testers along with a very early version of SPD

March 2021

  • The official Patreon page has been created
  • The UNIX patcher has been updated
  • Translation has been started for both the Demae Channel and the Digicam Print Channel
  • Major work has been going into the Demae Channel
  • Videos were fixed on Wii no Ma

April 2021

  • The Wii Fit Body Check channel has been "released" as an April Fool's joke
  • The Dominos API has been ported to the Demae Channel by giustino
  • Major work has been going into SPD

May 2021

  • Wii Room Public Beta v3 was released
  • Wii Room v770 had more development done
  • Digicam Print Channel and SPD Released
  • Wii no Ma Calendar had its first scan
  • A patch for the vWii version of SPD was released
  • Name changed to "WiiLink"
  • First ever order with the Demae Channel was made by SketchMaster2001 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eulNR3wY5SA)

June 2021

  • WiiNet becomes a part of WiiLink and the owner of WiiNet, Turtle, becomes a developer
  • WiiNet released its demo to the public via a room, the first room in Wii Room that has a webpage.
  • Mobiclip encryption was figured out for the theatre room, allowing videos to be added

July 2021

  • Sketch orders a pizza again using Demae, killing the Dominos API
  • Polling data was sorted for Wii Room, so most of the searches were accurate

August 2021

  • Yet another attempt at ordering a pizza with Demae was made, being successful this time
  • All searches were sorted out and you could finally search shows by age, gender and blood type
  • WiiNet parted ways with WiiLink,

September 2021

  • Digicard is released, a page where you can upload Digicam business cards and share them
  • Snoot reaches out for new testers and translators to help with the service

October 2021

  • For the fourth time, Sketch orders another Demae pizza for his birthday
  • Snoot steps down as project leader, putting Sketch in their place as leader and owner
  • Wii Room v770 gets worked on more, with calendar working
  • Internet Channel support gets added to Wii Room, allowing you to use sites in the channel separately
  • Ordering items in the theatre gets fully supported

November 2021

  • Link types work, meaning you could access places from the TV
  • Olivia Rodrigo is added as a concierge for fun, to fill in emptiness for Wii Room
  • Delivery in rooms was figured out, meaning there could be stuff emailed in the future
  • For the 15th anniversary of the Wii, a new WiiLink patcher was released, letting you install WiiLink services directly from your Wii, and new Digicam cards were released based on the Wii (2x WiiLink, 1x RiiConnect24, 1x Wii Circles cards)
  • Wii Room v770 theatre was made working
  • shoko makes it into TV no Tomo, showing off the setup screen for the channel

December 2023

January 2024

  • The WiiLink Patcher has been changed to the WiiLink + RiiConnect24 Patcher on January 4th

March 2024

  • WiiConnect24 is being migrated to another server

July 2024

  • Wii Room leaves public beta

Supported Software

  • Nintendo Channel
  • Forecast Channel
  • News Channel
  • Check Mii Out Channel
  • Everybody Votes Channel
  • Kirby TV Channel
  • Wii Room (Wii no Ma)
  • Photo Print Channel (Digicam Print Channel)
  • Food Channel (Demae Channel)