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Banana Saves
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TypeSystem tool
Source Included

Banana Saves applies patches to the System Menu on-the-fly to allow you to copy your protected savegames to your SD card within the System Menu. It doesn't modify the NAND and has no risk. It's partially based on Waninkoko's Menu Patcher.

Banana Saves needs an IOS with NAND permissions (any cIOS will work).

It's compatible with:

  • 3.2 (U and E)
  • 4.0 (J, U and E)
  • 4.1 (J, U and E)
  • 4.2 (J, U, E and K)
  • 4.3 (J, U, E and K)

How to use

  • Run Banana Saves with any homebrew loading method (Homebrew Channel is recommended)
  • Select an IOS with NAND permissions
  • Wait and the System Menu will boot
  • Now you are able to copy protected savegames to your SD card (even if the button looks disabled)

Automatizing boot

If you are using Homebrew Channel 1.0.7 or later, you can automatize Banana Saves boot so you won't even need to select the IOS. Just open the meta.xml file and remove the comment lines (<!-- and -->). And then edit the IOS number you want to use. For example, if you want to use IOS236:



v1 (2009.07.28)

  • first version

v2 (2010.02.16)

  • added IOS selector at start (you don't need a patched IOS36 anymore, just use any cIOS)
  • added predefined hacks (you don't need the banana_hacks.txt file for main hacks)
  • added new hack files (thanks to marinos35)

v3 (2010.09.19)

  • Banana Patcher is now known as Banana Saves (users were only using it for copying savegames)
  • added HBC 1.0.7 parameters support for automatizing boot
  • added rebooter patches for 4.3 on all regions
  • future version may include AHBPROT support

Unofficial Versions

Banana patcher mod35.png Banana Patcher mod35

By marinos35

This is a mod of Banana Patcher v1


  • It looks for the hack txt at a USB device and not at SD


  • hack txt files updated to 4.2

Download (source included): Banana Patcher mod35