Wii Homebrew Cursors

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Wii Homebrew Cursors
Wii homebrew cursors.jpg
TypeDevelopment resource

Contains the following cursor images

  • Generic pointer cursor
  • Generic drag cursor
  • Generic open hand cursor
  • Pointer, drag, and open hand cursors for players 1 to 4
  • Generic B-button cursor
  • Shadow images for all cursor types

How to use

All images are alpha-transparent PNG icons which should be fairly easy for you to import or load into your homebrew software. The image format is 96x96 pixels for every image, the cursor size itself is selected to match the original Wii cursor's size on a 640x480 canvas.

All pointers are set up to align the cursor's hotspot (usually the fingertip) at the center of the image, at x:48/y:48. This enables you to rotate the image around the hotspot if you would like to replicate the Wii remote's roll value.

The shadow images follow the same principle as the cursor images. Choose an appropriate offset for them to appear beneath the cursor image (x+1 and y+2 pixels is a good starting point).


As of June 5th, 2010: Contrary to what the included readme file says, I hereby place all graphics of this pack into the public domain. Use them in any way you please. A small credit in an appropriate place would be nice, but is not required.


  • 2008-07-07, v1.0: Initial release
  • 2008-07-07, v1.1: Added open hand cursors
  • 2008-08-10, v1.1a: Re-released under the LGPL

Requests? Comments?

Please direct both to this page's discussion.

As for requests, I can do custom pointers if a developer requests them. However, please do understand that I will not do just anything anyone has an idea - and not a specific need - for.