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Latest version: BootMe 1.0 by CorteX' Download


This tool lets you change the way Wii images boot. As far as we know there are 2 methods to boot a game.

Method 1 is R (manual boot)
Method 2 is 0 (autoboot)

Autoboot patches the ISO so the game loads directly without having to go to the disc channel, thus booting faster.

This tool basically patches the first byte in a game to your likings. For example, If you want to make Zelda.iso autobootable the syntax is:

./BootMe zelda.iso a

To make the ISO boot manually again:

./BootMe zelda.iso m

This can also be done manually with a hex editor, but I felt like writing a tool to automate the process.

Full source is included, as well as a win32 binary.