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TypeFramework library
Version1.0.0 alpha 4

WiiLÖVE is a framework for making 2D Wii homebrew games in Lua. Its API is based on LÖVE, but its functions are mostly written from scratch and optimized for the Wii.

Why WiiLÖVE?

The Wii has a lot of potential for homebrew development, but unfortunately getting started requires a lot of work. Not only do developers need to learn C/C++, but they also need to set up a toolchain and a proper development environment. They also have to learn how to use many different Wii homebrew libraries and functions.

WiiLÖVE aims to make this much easier, at least for 2D game development. All one has to do is learn Lua, an easy-to-learn and flexible programming language, write a game with WiiLÖVE's versatile API, and run it from an SD card with WiiLÖVE's binary, both during development and for the finished product. It will automatically compile and run game code without any complex setup.

WiiLÖVE also has a built-in error handler, making game development much easier to debug. It also allows games to cleanly exit back to their loader (for example, the Homebrew Channel) if they crash.



  • Download the latest wiilove.zip and extract it to the root of your SD card.
  • Rename the supergame folder to something else (for example, the name of your game).
  • Start writing your game using the main.lua template. Add and edit files as needed, such as new script files and the icon and metadata.
  • Test your game by running it from the Homebrew Channel.


  • Download the latest wiilove-dolphin.zip and extract the contents of the sd folder to the root of your virtual SD card.
  • Start writing your game using the main.lua template. Add and edit files as needed, such as new script files and the icon and metadata.
  • Test your game by launching the wiilove.dol file in Dolphin.
  • Once your project is complete, refer to the standard setup for structuring an app for the Homebrew Channel.


Since there isn't a guide for WiiLÖVE yet, consider reading Sheepolution's How to LÖVE guide, and then account for the differences in WiiLÖVE's API.

Docs are currently a WIP. Since WiiLÖVE is still in an alpha state, its functions are constantly updating, so docs are a low priority at the moment. In the meantime, see src/main.cpp and data/api.lua for the names of all of WiiLÖVE's functions.

Open-source projects that use WiiLÖVE:

  • Wiirdle - Wordle clone for the Wii made to demonstrate WiiLÖVE's features


WiiLÖVE is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0. Therefore, modifications to WiiLÖVE must be open-source and licensed under the same license. However, projects and files that interact with WiiLÖVE externally (for example, Lua scripts that WiiLÖVE runs) are not required to be open-source and can use any license.

Exceptions to this license are the files in the game folder within the source repository, which are meant to be a project template. These files are unlicensed and free-to-use for any purpose.