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WiiCraft 2
Author(s)filfat (original source), TechEdison
TypeOther game
Version0.8.1a Alpha
LicenceGNU GPL v3
Wiimote.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg SensorBar.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot USBGecko2.svg USB mass storage device

WiiCraft is a block building game inspired by Minecraft and designed to run on the Nintendo Wii using homebrew. It is currently in alpha stages and is originally created by filfat. WiiCraft 2 will be updated by TechEdison. Visit the website for changelogs, downloads, and update news.


This code was originally created by filfat. I do not claim to own any of the original code or executables. The github page no longer exists so I thought I would try and add things of my own and possibly continue this if it is no longer updated by filfat.

Info: Ways to help

  • Send me old source code for filfat's WiiCraft. Source for version 0.6.1 would be substantially helpful.
  • Find a solution to fix the narrowing conversion warning when compiling.


../../.. - Currently Being Developed - Assumed to end up as 0.8.3a

3/14/16 - 0.8.2a "Alpha"

  • Added option to read debug file. (fstream)
  • Added a "jetpack" button (C button on the joystick)
  • Fixed pause menu that was commented out.
  • Set "1" to show debug info ingame. "2" to hide it.
  • Removed some code that seemed to be useless.
  • Added help menu.
  • Added 3 map sizes: 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 (broken for now).
  • Changed the way map sizes are handled (broken for now).
  • Cleaned up menus. Fixed the clearing when changing to new menu.
  • Using wiiuse.h for some button mappings.

3/12/16 - 0.8.1a "Alpha"

  • Made sure I would not be compromising the already set license.
  • Added text when changing block type to tell you that it has completed.
  • Added a cleaner way to set version when updating (Now in version.h).
  • Created a build script. Not public for now.
  • Now creating an "Alpha" release and re-writing some of the original code.

3/12/16 - 0.8.0d "Dev"

  • Testing what happens if I change some things. It didn't go so well.

??/??/?? - 0.7.0 "Indev"

  • Original version by filfat