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TypePC utility

Wii64SaveSwap is my unofficial endian-swapper for making N64 save files created on a PC or other little-endian machine work with Wii64. It's a simple application, and has limited use (for a reason), but I figured, since I made it, and it works for everyone who's tested so far, I might as well put it up.


Updated download link January 2022: https://www.mediafire.com/file/q7jk8vlm9yl9g4f/wii64saveSwap.zip/file

How to Use

Drag any .fla or .sra save file onto the executable (the application doesn't work by double-clicking, and will close with a message saying so), then look in the Wii64 Saves subdirectory for the new save. The original save file will be preserved.


This does not make correct naming decisions for what to call the save file, as it could be any region, and I don't think there's a way to test the save file itself to determine which it is. So you'll have to make sure it's named as Wii64 would name it in order to make it work (most common is placing the "(U)/(E)", etc, at the end just before the extension).

.eep files are as yet untested (by me) as to whether they need garbage data at the end or not to fill them to 2kb, but I do know they don't need endian-swapping. If anyone can tell me any results of testing for those files, I can add them in to the program (same goes for mempak [.mpk] files as well).

This application should present no risk to the PC or Wii that it is used on/for, but as always, any damage caused by improper use of this application is in no way my fault. This is tested safe, when used as intended (and I still tried to put in as many safeguards as I could think of), on multiple Windows computers, ranging from XP to 64-bit Vista. This application is not made for Linux or Mac (there's nothing in the source to support either of these platforms), but anyone who would like to port it over is welcome to. I don't care if you give me credit or not for the original code, as it is simple enough to not warrant any copyright or trademark or any kind of license agreement.