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I have a big question. I have WiiReader for mp3s, but I am yet to find a good mp4 video reader, ipod format. I have many high quality ipod videos I wish I could play on my wii via sd or a usb flash drive, but for some reason no program I have tried so far have worked. All versions of mplayer buffer it, then give me a black screen. GeexBox completely freezes when I tell it to open my 1.5 gb 2 hr long mp4 video. Maybe it takes too long to buffer? I don't know, but some feedback would be nice. I am useing System menu 3.2U with the homebrew channel. Thanks in advance. Justing6 08:40, 10 January 2009 (UTC)

Genesis Emulator, Dreamcast?

It is probably possible. Ofc only with gamecube/classic controller due to the many buttons, but it is not like that thing used alot of possessing power. It would be fine if it could run on games stored on the SD, but would be awesome if it worked on burned games/real games. I loved my origional dreamcast because it would let me play burned games no prob. Heh, back then you didn't need encryption. Shoot, that thing even played CDs. The Wii dosn't even play CDs! Kinda sad though. While I am on that topic, is there any app that can play music/mp3 CDs? Thanks all. Justing6 06:36, 17 January 2009 (UTC)