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Sup all! Just got my Wii in Christmas 2008, hacked it before January 4, 2009 =). You could say I am new to wiibrew (doh!) but I am not new to wikis, so no problem with me not signing, etc. (unless I forget to log in >.<). Thanks to anyone who posted a homebrew app, I have almost tried them all! My Fav 3 of all the homebrew apps I have found are:

1. WiiReader (Great, wonderful, amazing mp3 player, beats any others in playing mp3s! (Obviously, if you want to play anything that is not an mp3, other programs will play it better). The picture reader is on par with the Photo Channel, and the text reader isn't that bad either. (Now all we need is a .doc reader!)

2. Homebrew Browser (Helped me download/install most of my homebrew apps, I only manually downloaded ones I couldn't get from it.)

3. Visualboy Advance (Wonderful GBA emulator, smooth default controls with wiimote/nunchuck or gamecube controller!)