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What is Win2Wii? Well it's a remote desktop/VNC viewer for the Wii. It allows you to connect to a Windows Box (running the Win2Wii server) and take control - visually.

Win2Wii is similar to Microsoft's remote desktop viewer (RDP) and the Remote Framebuffer VNC viewer. It currently does not support the protocols as I decided to write my own mainly because I found the compression and performance of VNC to be too slow and network heavy ( probably not suited to the Wii's temperamental network device.

Connecting to a PC from a Wii really serves no function, but having said that it's been asked for and I have some code that ported nicely to the Wii. Also on the fun side, you could fool your buddies that you're running Windows on the Wii :P


Will follow the usual copy to SD/apps procedure and be HBC frienly.

You will also need to install the server program on the PC that you want to connect to.


For the first few release I currently am not planning to add any security (passwords or encryption). Mainly because I have to get it functional first. So PLEASE be safe an only run in behind a firewall on your local network. Don't even risk using it over the internet!. I take absolutely NO responsibly for your computer getting hacked when using it.

Version Log

None yet, I have the code working pretty well but it needs some more work on stability.