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libwiikeyboard is included as part of libogc as an interface to an attached USB keyboard.


Include -lwiikeyboard in your Makefile.

Initialize the keyboard subsystem:


Process an event:

keyboard_event ke;
s32 res = KEYBOARD_GetEvent(&ke);
if (res && (ke.type == KEYBOARD_RELEASED || ke.type == KEYBOARD_PRESSED))
	// do something

Alternate usage - using stdin

#include <gccore.h>
#include <wiiuse/wpad.h>
#include <wiikeyboard/keyboard.h>

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <unistd.h>

static void *xfb = NULL;
static GXRModeObj *rmode = NULL;

bool quitapp=false;

void keyPress_cb( char sym) {

	if (sym > 31 ) putchar(sym);
	if (sym == 13) putchar('\n');
	if ( sym == 0x1b) quitapp = true;

int main(int argc, char **argv) {
	// Initialise the video system
	// This function initialises the attached controllers
	// Obtain the preferred video mode from the system
	// This will correspond to the settings in the Wii menu
	rmode = VIDEO_GetPreferredMode(NULL);

	// Allocate memory for the display in the uncached region
	xfb = MEM_K0_TO_K1(SYS_AllocateFramebuffer(rmode));
	// Initialise the console, required for printf
	// Set up the video registers with the chosen mode
	// Tell the video hardware where our display memory is
	// Make the display visible

	// Flush the video register changes to the hardware

	// Wait for Video setup to complete
	if(rmode->viTVMode&VI_NON_INTERLACE) VIDEO_WaitVSync();

	// The console understands VT terminal escape codes
	// This positions the cursor on row 2, column 0
	// we can use variables for this with format codes too
	// e.g. printf ("\x1b[%d;%dH", row, column );
	printf("\x1b[2;0HHello World!\n");
	if (KEYBOARD_Init(keyPress_cb) == 0) printf("keyboard initialised\n");

	do {
		// Call WPAD_ScanPads each loop, this reads the latest controller states

		// WPAD_ButtonsDown tells us which buttons were pressed in this loop
		// this is a "one shot" state which will not fire again until the button has been released
		u32 pressed = WPAD_ButtonsDown(0);

		char key = getchar();

		// We return to the launcher application via exit
		if ( pressed & WPAD_BUTTON_HOME ) quitapp=true;

		// Wait for the next frame
	} while(!quitapp);

	return 0;