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If you don’t know what doxygen is, you probably don't need it... (just yet).

An XCode 3 (Leopard) docset for libogc can be generated with Doxygen-1.5.6.dmg.

The Apple instructions are a good place to start but here is some specific help below. GUI settings:

  • Working directory: /opt/devkitpro/libogc/include
  • GENERATE_LATEX [ ] Whatever... You know what you doing.

Expert HTML output settings:

PROJECT_NUMBER         = "libogc 20080602"
OUTPUT_DIRECTORY       = /Users/$USER/Desktop/Wii/doxygen/
DOCSET_BUNDLE_ID       = org.devkitPro.libOGC


  • Any OUTPUT_DIRECTORY is fine but ~ is not recognized.
  • cd /Users/$USER/Desktop/Wii/doxygen/html (or wherever)
  • make install
to activate without restarting XCode:
osascript -e "tell app \"XCode\" to load documentation set with path \"/Users/$USER/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets/\""

I can't get the Research Assistant to show any contextual information yet but the API & Documentation search works just fine, doxygen even generates some nice images.