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Although I am German I hardly ever spoke it in over 30 years living in Canada. Please do correct my horribly atrocious German grammar here on the Wiki and on IRC. I will understand you perfectly if you write to me but don't be offended if I reply auf Englisch, I write and think much faster in that mode. :)

I have not done any dis/assembly since ancient MOS6510 days. I do C and C++, eventually I will learn to write something in Obj-C.

System: Dual-core G5 2.3 PPC, Leopard, Fink. Xcode!

Leery of WADs in general... um, none are so-called "legit" ...

Yeah! langwhich, mmm mmm mm! I could go for one right about now but I heard "It's possible to trap yourself in another region setting". Oo--pizza!



I am porting a “classic” game to to run under Wii_Linux. Details later. (Port delayed, USB drive fried. Pending purchase of new drive or whiite Wifi driver :( )

Console always missing first line

The first line of the console is never displayed, it seems to be a bug in the console. This is not a matter of the TV overscan, the first line is never displayed no matter how much yoffset specified, you have to always printf \n at the start. See: User:CarstenK/ConsoleNotes

Wrong aspect ratio... 16:9 widescreen or normal.... PAL black borders?

Maybe libogc and GX is just at a low level where it actually doesn't handle non-square pixel aspect ratio, either that or there is a bug in it? This maybe might explain the black border issue some PAL users are reporting too.

Please see User:CarstenK/Screen_aspect-ratio for theory and discussion.


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