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I'm an experienced Wii hacker with a diverse background in homebrew development. My expertise spans firmware management, region transitioning, theme design, custom WAD creation, and channel acquisition. While a mishap with an update led to a bricked Wii, my passion for homebrew endures.

I now focus on assisting friends in unlocking their consoles' potential and specialize in crafting custom Homebrew Channel themes to enhance the Wii user experience, and am exploring System Menu theme creation. I eagerly anticipate further theme creation opportunities within the homebrew community.

Theme Collection

Orange Sherbet.png

Experience a vibrant twist on the classic Homebrew Channel theme with our custom creation. Infused with an energetic orange palette, it skillfully revamps the familiar HBC Classic design. Dive into a dynamic world where tradition meets innovation in a burst of vibrant orange hues.

Last updated on 17 August 10

Windows7 glass.png

Presenting the Windows 7 Glass theme for your Homebrew Channel, a stunning tribute to Windows 7 Aero Glass. Crafted by Marcelofoxes, Raixs, and Selena (Xiangua), it immerses you in the sleek, translucent Windows 7 look. Experience nostalgia on your Wii - explore the preview here.

Last updated on 17 August 10

Matrix theme.png

Explore the Matrix-inspired Homebrew Channel theme—a captivating journey into the world of homebrew. Immerse yourself in this cutting-edge theme's digital realm on your Wii. For a sleek white text version, click here. Experience the theme's striking contrast and Matrix-like elements in the preview here.

Last updated on 24 August 10


Introducing the Simple Tetris Theme for your Homebrew Channel—a delightful, minimalist design that adds Tetris charm to your Wii's interface. Experience the joy of Tetris every time you navigate your Wii with this charming theme.

Last updated on 17 August 10

HBCtheme HBC Oldschool.png

Introducing the Oldschool Homebrew Channel Theme—a nostalgic tribute to the original HBC design, honoring Team Twiizers' pioneering work. Relive Wii homebrew's early days with this theme. Preview it here.

Last updated on 21 February 11

HBCtheme HBC NES.png

Experience nostalgia with the Homebrew Channel NES Makeover, a charming tribute to the classic NES design. Immerse yourself in retro gaming vibes. Preview it here and relive the NES magic in Wii homebrew.

Last updated on 19 August 10


Meet the Homebrew Channel DOS Theme—a tribute to classic DOS simplicity. Transport your Wii to computing's early days with its minimalist, functional design. Experience nostalgia with this distinctive theme that seamlessly blends the past with the present in your homebrew journey.

Added on 14 September 10


For information regarding themes you can contact me here: