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TypeCard game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote1.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot Local WiFi Internet

This is the card game UNO!

You can play 2-4 players through the Internet (or a local network). It can be played against 3 other players controlled by the Wii.

Please note the below is a translation of the read me from Spanish to English and may contain errors.


Wiimote.svg Action
Wiimote B Button Choose a card if it is possible to play. If you have a WILD select the color
Wiimote 1 Button Just like B but saying UNO!. It serves for when you skip your turn instead of button +
Wiimote 2 Button Skip your turn.
Wiimote - Button After skipping your turn you play a card
Wiimote + Button After skipping your turn you do NOT play a card
Wiimote D-Pad Right Move your Deck to the right to see your cards
Wiimote D-Pad Left Move your Deck to the left to see your cards
Wiimote D-Pad Down You oppose a player (only on your turn). Choose the player whom you oppose. You can oppose several players on your turn


Edit server.xml and change the server's IP and port with the one you want to connect to (if you're going to act as a server you also have to configure, but the IP can be private rather than public)

In order to use a different font replace fuente.ttf with another ttf.

In order to play music copy a musica.ogg file into the same directory as the game.


The messages in the game are in the file mensajes.xml; it can easily be translated to other languages (or customized)

Change the following files to support English:


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<baraja nombre='Card Deck by Deragonsu'  ruta='cartas/deragonsu/'/>
<baraja nombre='Card Deck by Venps23'  ruta='cartas/venps23/'/>


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<mensaje mensaje='PLAYER'/>
<mensaje mensaje='UNO! PLAYER'/>
<mensaje mensaje='OPPOSED UNO! OF PLAYER'/>
<mensaje mensaje='YOU WISH TO FINISH PLAYING?'/>
<mensaje mensaje='REMAINING CARD?'/>
<mensaje mensaje='WAITING FOR CONNECTION CLIENT 1'/>
<mensaje mensaje='CONNECTED CLIENT'/>
<mensaje mensaje='INITIALIZING NETWORK'/>
<mensaje mensaje='RECEIVING LETTER'/>
<mensaje mensaje='1. NETWORK 2 PLAYERS'/>
<mensaje mensaje='2. NETWORK 3 PLAYERS'/>
<mensaje mensaje='-. NETWORK 4 PLAYERS'/>
<mensaje mensaje='+. CLIENT GAME'/>
<mensaje mensaje='A. LOCAL GAME'/>
<mensaje mensaje='PRESS HOME TO EXIT'/>
<mensaje mensaje='THE WINNER IS PLAYER'/>
<mensaje mensaje='PRESS 1 TO RETURN TO MAIN MENU'/>
<mensaje mensaje='B. CHANGE DECK'/>

meta.xml <short_description>UNO Card Game</short_description>

<long_description>UNO Card Game, is the card game Uno, can play for 2-4 players via the Internet (or LAN). </long_description>


UNO! Classic:

  • If you cannot play a card you must draw before moving on, otherwise play a card in your deck.
  • WILD DRAW 4 also loses a turn
  • No DRAW 2 accumulation
  • No card chains (SKIP/REVERSE/DRAW)


To Deragonsu for his design of the original cards.

To venps23 for his design of the cards.

Pending Items

  • Thoroughly test Online gameplay
  • Other things, but something always gets in the way :P


  • Added Sound and Music (V11)
  • Resolved many online bugs (V11)
  • Main Menu visibility (V11)
  • Only allow .jpg format for cards (V10)
  • New method to indicate the color of a Joker (V10)
  • New cards by venps23 (V10)
  • Unuseable cards appear transparent (V10)
  • When not the players turn does not draw the card indicated by the cursor (V10)
  • Changes in the format of the files to be able to allow different graphic formats (V9)
  • Time between card and card that the players controlled by the Wii sent in Local mode (V8)
  • Multiple decks supported (barajas.xml), change with B in the main menu (V7)
  • Font Source in TrueType, can be changed by replacing TTF file (v7)
  • Change in the format of some files (V6)
  • Probability of when the Wii does not oppose nor says UNO (V6)
  • Messages in the file mensajes.xml (V5)
  • UNO Challenges/Oppositions (V4)
  • Graphic improvement of the game (V3)