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TypeOther game
Wiimote1.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot


This is a simple application based on the Animal Crossing City Folk (ACCF) game, and it provides a player with:

1. Information of turnip prices for the week (Sunday morning to Saturday afternoon in that corresponding week)

2. A derived or add-on game (a game that some or all of its inputs come from other game data) which uses those turnip prices information

3. A functionality to change turnip prices for the week (by reading the information from the xml setting/input file)

How to get or change prices

Before running this application, you need to save your ACCF gamesave file into your SD card in the directory /WIISAVES/RUUE and name it as RVFOREST.DAT. If you use Waninkoko's Savegame Extractor v2.0 homebrew application, you will automatically have such a combination of directory and file names in your SD card. If you need to use different directory path or filename, edit the xml setting/input file appropriately.

For those who have and play ACCF game, when deciding to buy white turnips from Joan (the turnips peddler) on Sunday morning (from 6am to 12pm), it is always of interest to know or predict at what prices Nook will buy white turnips on the following weekdays (from Monday to Saturday) since those turnips will get rotten if they are kept after Saturday. This application could provide that information at any time during the week by saving the ACCF game after 6am Sunday morning and extracting its gamesave file to the above location (or other location defined in the xml setting/input file). Clearly, the prices information is constant for the whole week and only reset on the next Sunday morning (unless you use the updating/changing turnip prices functionality).

To change turnip prices, you need to set the associated target prices information in the xml setting/input file. After the request is processed by the application, the file RVFOREST.DAT will contain the target prices, and should be reinstalled back (e.g. by using Waninkoko's Savegame Installer v2.0 homebrew application). Please read the Important notes section below before using this functionality.

Setting/input file content

With version 0.2, user of this application could use the setting/input file (turnipsetting.xml) to set:

a. The directory path and filename of the gamesave file

b. The directory path and filename to store turnip prices (for displaying on the screen)

c. The target turnip prices from Sunday morning to Saturday afternoon if user requests the changes

This xml setting/input file should be stored in the root directory of SD card. If the application cannot find it, then it will be automatically created and will have the following default content (then user could change it using any Wii homebrew text editor or PC text editor application):

<?xml version="1.0"?>

If the target turnip price for a specific time period in this setting/input file is set to zero then when the user submits the request to change turnip prices, the price for that time period will not be changed. And the highest acceptable turnip price is 999. Please use integers or whole numbers for target turnip prices since Nook and Joan cannot deal with a fraction of bell. With this functionality, users could make any turnip price trends in their town as they wish for the whole week. This could also help users on solving the derived or add-on game puzzles.

How to play the derived or add-on game

The prices information is shown in two pages or screens. Use Wiimote D-Pad [Up] and [Down] buttons to move between pages. At the bottom of the screen, you see Nook and Joan pictures and three white turnips between them. The goal of derived game is to change those three turnips into three bags of bells. You need to push Wiimote buttons [1] or [2] four times in sequence to transform each turnip to a bag of bells. The right combination will successfully make the change. For each successful time, one turnip will be changed. You cannot change the second or third turnips before you transform the first one. Similarly, the third turnip could only be changed after the second one is done.

To start, I will show you the algorithm behind the first turnip (the left one) by giving you an example on how to pick the right button combination for changing it. Assume the prices information as follows:

Sunday morning = 102
Monday morning = 76
Monday afternoon = 69
Tuesday morning = 62
Tuesday afternoon = 126
Wednesday morning = 99
Wednesday afternoon = 100
Thursday morning = 130
Thursday afternoon = 85
Friday morning = 82
Friday afternoon = 72
Saturday morning = 122
Saturday afternoon = 95

From these prices, there are three times of opportunity to sell turnips with either having a break-even or a profit (Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning, and Saturday morning where the prices are greater or equal to 102, the buying price on Sunday morning). You could write that number of opportunities (i.e. 3) in binary digits form (4-bit format):

0011, and if you replace the 0s with 2s, you end up with 2211. This is the sequence combination of buttons you need to push: [2] then [2] then [1] then [1]. To submit this sequence you then need to push Wiimote button [A]. And to clear or to restart the new sequence, you could push Wiimote button [B].

Now, you need to find out by yourself how to change the second and third turnips into bags of bells. Have a fun guessing time. Clearly you could just try all combinations (total 16 possible combinations), but it would be challenging to see whether you could guess/derive the algorithms/calculations behind the second and third turnips transformation. Who could be the first one to solve these? If you could figure out the algorithms, please let us know by describing them in the discussion page, so your name permanently appears as the one who could solve these challenges/puzzles.

Wiimote.svg Action
Wiimote D-Pad Up Wiimote D-Pad Down Move between turnip price pages
Wiimote A Button Submit the sequence of keys; Confirming selection
Wiimote B Button Clear or restart the sequence of keys
Wiimote 1 Button Wiimote 2 Button Keys used in the sequence of keys
Wiimote + Button Send the request for changing turnip prices
Wiimote HOME Button Back to Homebrew Channel; Cancel selection

Important notes

This application has been mainly tested for US version, and has not been tested as it should for the other one regional versions (Japan: Machi e Ikouyo Doubutsu no Mori). The Europe/Austalia version is tested, the only thing you must do is change the directory name in 'turnipsettings.xml' from 'WIISAVES/RUUE' to 'WIISAVES/RUUP'. Please make a copy of your gamesave file prior to running the functionality of changing turnip prices so that you could recover it back in case this application creates corrupted gamesave file. Use this changing turnip prices capability if and only if you are comfortable for taking the associated risks (e.g. corrupted gamesave file, etc).


30 September 2009 (v0.2)

  • Added changing turnip prices functionality
  • Added xml setting/input file functionality

13 July 2009 (v0.1)

  • Initial release